MADievals - The video game
The Rise of Rusty Steelknee

An indomitable knight named Rusty Steelknee, a hunter of precious relics, arrives in the Kingdom of Manzasun. Nothing is known about him, except that he never parts with his helmet, his horse Spoffy, and his cast-iron undergarment, and that his purpose is to seize a precious relic.

The Kingdom, however, has been struck by a curse and shrouded in a terrible perpetual darkness. Very soon, Rusty--due in part to his prideful nature and a series of not-exactly fortuitous coincidences--will find himself entangled in something bigger than himself.

But the brave knight will know how to face the adventure head-on, and with his sarcasm bordering on self-flagellation, he will manage to extricate himself from unusual situations!

Play in a totally historically inaccurate middle ages! If you love the dementedness of 90s adventures (like Monkey Island), you definitely can't pass it up!


MADievals - The comic strip

A brave knight must face dangers of all kinds to obtain the coveted prize:
the status of "fearsome."

Medieval knights fighting to the sound of jokes and irony will accompany our
wacky hero Rusty Steelknee, along with his inseparable and bizarre horse Spoffy,
on their demented adventures.

Coming soon!

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